Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What You Will and Will Not Find Here

So I'm a bit of a foodie. I love to cook, I love to eat. I make most things from scratch including yogurt, granola, treats, bread and most meals.

What you won't find here. You won't find any tips on how to make one chicken feed your family of 11 for 6 days. You won't find any recipes for lentil bean tacos (I tried them after getting rave reviews even by picky eaters on this forum I participate in) they did NOT go over well in my house. You also won't find tips on feeding for family of 11 for $65 a week. Sorry. I've tried all of these and failed. Miserably. So I don't try anymore.

I won't rave on and on about the benefits of "family cloth". Google it if you have questions, and no our family does not use it. I'm not "there" yet.
You won't find posts that lean far to the right, nor will you find posts leaning far to the left. That said I'm not really straight down the middle either. I'm not sure where I am.

What you WILL find. Nutritious meals that your whole family will love. Tips and tricks for getting wholesome ingredients into the tummies of your children. Simple, healthy foods for families on the run. Fun things to do without spending a ton of money, and other day to day goings on of a (mostly) happy homemaker.

You also may find me begging for wine or other sedatives, complaining about Lego and pondering thoughts on how laundry multiplies so quickly. I might be A Happy Homemaker but sometimes I need a little help maintaining "happy". You will find humorous quips and outtakes from my day to day life as A Happy Homemaker. I hope you enjoy reading.

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